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No 007 

Practical Thinking II

Distance Course for CEOs and "High Potentials"

Improve your power of judgement! - Training of Thought instead of Errors in Thinking, Arguments by Darwinism or Scientific Prejudices. 




Practical Thinking for Science and Practice
This course is useful for Europien / American CEOs, who need to know how Asiatic thinking is working, as well as for Asiatic CEOs, who want to know more about the Europien / American way of thinking.

From Curriculum Course No. 007

Part One: 
Lessons on how to become a practical beekeeper, apitherapist or scientist;
On training in thought; 
On errors in thinking; 
What is the ultimate goal of all knowledge? 
Success in scientific research depends on what? 
On Kant and scientific prejudices; 
Different views of the world and what follows; 
On Logic, cause and effect, cognition and reality; 
What happens if a scientist doesn't find the right category? 
Argument by analogy - a method frequently used by scientists; 
Percept; on less acurate observing and what follows.
And many other topics also on Kant and Goethe.

Part Two: 
Lessons on the act of knowing and the attitude of modern sciences; 
On human individuality - or who is cappable of getting a good idea? 
On questions like: Are there limits of knowledge - 
or how can we find out the laws of a beecolony in order to find the right method of keeping the bees? 
On some good ideas regarding freedom and act of will; 
Which is the driving force scarcely to be found among the majority of scientists? 
Scientific research;
Kant and Goethe;
Is it enough to do what is your duty? 
living and dead theories;
On veiled materialism - even among the new "organic" movement? 
What can be done instead of preaching moralty? 
Some words on freedom and producers of unfreedom; 
On argument by darwinism; 
Konfuzius, Menzius and much more.

See also course #004 

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