Our Green Management

Environmental Protection 

At the end of fossil and nuclear power age, the beginning of a new age without pesticides and genetically modified seeds in agriculture, without genetically modified medicine (for instance mRNA-technology), without fracking and the beginning of a new solar economy: green, fair, social, organic and better than organic 




Save Bee Colonies 
Natural Apitherapy Council

SAVE BEE COLONIES,  Honeybee Stewardship Council and Natural Apitherapy Council  manage the firm's global activities, gather specialists, medical doctors, non-medical practitioners and scientists. More...

Centres for Expertise

Empowering a new spirit in business: Centre for Food Safety, Centre for Food Quality and natural products, Centre for Organic / Ecological Beekeeping, Centre for Alternative Therapies such as  bee therapy. Academy of Arts and Philosophy. Our international surveyors help you to put ideas into practice!. More...