Apicultural Review Letters

Letter # 121
2007 March 23


Who Is Releasing Genetically Engineered Plants Or Animals In Landscape, Or Who Is Responsible For It, Like Authorities Who Release The Rules, Can Be Taken To Court For It, Because He Committed An Act Of Culpable Negligence - "Colony Collapse Disorder

As expertises* turned out (Apicultural Review Letters 2007, 6, #116-120) you need to calculate with damages at least in amounts of thousands of millions, if genetically engineered plants or animals being released in landscape. Only in USA the damage of sudden decrease of pollinators ("Colony Collapse Disorder") is calculated with 50 thousand million US $. The whole damade for beekeepers, farmers, consumers and nature cannot be compensated with 800 thousand million US $.

Farmers, companies and authorities who either release genetically engineered plants or animals in landscape or being responsible for it by making the rules which allows the release of  genetically engineered plants or animals in landscape, can be taken to court for it, because they commited an act of culpable negligence. Taxes in amount of thousands of millions are necessary to cure the damages - if it is possible at all.

In Germany the federal research minister Mrs. Annette Schavan and the federal minister for agriculture and consumer protection Mr. Horst Seehofer are responsible for inexcusable negligence of releasing genetically engineered plants.

The CEO's of companies, who are well known for doing research in "green" biotechnology, like BASF, are trying now to make an innocent face by giving some delicate jobs as carrying genetically modified seeds to market - shortly: releasing into landscape - , to other companies who are corrupt anyway. According to BASF-CEO Jürgen Hamprecht, Monsanto shall carry all genetically modified products to market. He estimates Monsanto to be kompetent in these things: Monsanto knows, how to bribe decisionmakers, how to palm genetically modified seeds off on farmers and consumers, and how to sell all that stuff, which doesn't want anybody in Europe, in developing countries as high value products.

 "With Monsanto has been found a partner, who brings all competences with him, to sell products on market. BASF mainly is doing research in green biotechnology. We don't have any entrance to the market today said BASF-CEO Jürgen Hamprecht" (FAZ 2007, # 69, p. 16).

If these kind of "competences" are being labled to be legal, it is no wonder, that consumers are doing civil disobedience against Agro-Biotechnology and try to prevent the release of  genetically modified seeds.

In principle, everybody, who contaminate or destroy landscape nearly irreversible, commit an offence. This apply to oil-companies, who let their ships sink near the coasts, as well as for those who are responsible for releasing genetically modified products. We don't need to discuss if it is a punishable offence, but if it is duly punished, so that our landscape can be used also by generations in future.  No expert is talking about coexistence and safety distances, only layman like Annette Schavan und Horst Seehofer.
*)Expertises show that an "industrial" beekeeping with Magazines leads in connection with high pesticide treatments and biotechnological contamination of landscape to complete disappearance of beecolonies of a country. Surveyors are not alltogether surprised that beecolonies in USA vanish now by socalled "Colony Collapse Disorder" (Apicultural Review letters 2007, vol. 6, # 116-121).


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