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Arrangements Of Bee Keepers Associations And Bees-Research-Institutes With Certain Pesticide Manufacturers

The British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA) has an arrangement with certain pesticide manufacturers to endorse some of their products as 'bee friendly', despite the fact that they are known to be toxic to bees. Bayer is one of the most untrustworthy corporations on the planet, with a record that would shame the most hardened criminal (see their Wikipedia entry, just for starters), yet one of the oldest and once respected beekeepers' organizations thinks that 'taking their word for it' is an acceptable way to assess Bayer's toxic products. Useless genetically engineered plants and pesticides, especially those containing ingredients dangerous to bees should have been prohibited (2008, 7, # 305)

The World Of Top Bar Beekeeping - Beekeepers Of The Centre For Ecological Apiculture

Interesting articles, plans, pictures about topbar-beekeeping. For instance Mr. Chandler has written some interesting articles or books. Other beekeepers may prefer to become a certified beekeeper of the Centre for Ecological Apiculture and natural Medicine. The hives of these beekeepers are less complicated. If they really want to be part of the community of these beekeepers, all what they need to know can be found in distance course (#19) and - in case he wants to become certified - a Training (#62) in the Centre for Ecological Apiculture (2008, 7, # 304)

„Bachelor Of Science" Or „Master Of Science" In The Centre For Ecological Apiculture?

Additional qualification offers the Centre for Ecological Apiculture and Social Medicine / natural Apitherapy. During an one or two semester Traineeship in english or german language you can qualify for  „First Certificate" and „Proficiency Certificate". As a certifiied Apiary of Centre for Ecological Apiculture you'll have the possibillity to spread this kind of beekeeping all over the world: ecological api culture in Top-bar-hives according standards of Centre for Ecological Apiculture. Even distance courses (First lessons in organic / ecological top bar beekeeping) are possible (2008, 7, # 226)

Unsafe Genetically Modified (GM) Foods

Submissions to the US Food and Drug Administraion (FDA) may be worse than in other countries, since the agency doesn't actually require any data. Their policy—overseen by Monsanto's former attorney who later became the company's vice president—says that biotech companies can determine if their own foods are safe. Anything  submitted is voluntary and, according to former Environmental Protection Agency scientist Doug Gurian-Sherman, "often lack[s] sufficient detail, such as necessary statistical analyses needed for an adequate safety evaluation." Using Freedom of Information Requests, Gurian-Sherman analyzed more than a fourth of the data summaries of GM crops reviewed by the FDA. He says, "Our evaluation found that the biotechnology companies provide inadequate data to ensure their products are safe".
Two GM foods whose commercialization was stopped because of negative test results give a chilling example of what may be getting through. Rats fed GM potatoes had potentially precancerous cell growth in the stomach and intestines, less developed brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver, and damaged immune systems. GM peas provoked an inflammatory response in mice, suggesting that the peas might trigger a deadly anaphylactic shock in allergic humans. Both of these dangerous crops, however, could easily have been approved. The problems were only discovered because the researchers used advanced tests that were never applied to GM crops already on the market. Both would have passed the normal tests that companies typically use to get their products approved. Ironically, when Monsanto was asked to comment on the pea study, their spokesperson said it demonstrated that the regulatory system works. He failed to disclose that none of the company's GM crops had been put through such rigorous tests (2007, 6, # 193)

Increasing US-resistance Against Genetically Modified Foods

documented in latest US-issues of science review letters: The full catastrophe regarding Agrobiotechnology, genetically modified (GM) foods, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) (2007, 6, # 170)

Health Supporting Antioxidants In Natural Bee Produce

anti-cancerogene effect, anti-arteriosklerosis, alzheimer, cataract, anti-aging. Famous for their high content of antioxidants are natural bee produce, especially pollen, comb in the comb and propolis. Antioxidants in bee produce are only effective if the products are not being denaturated by heat treatment and wrong beekeeping methods (2007, 6, # 150)

Who is Releasing Genetically Engineered Plants or Animals in Landscape, or who is Responsible for it, like Authorities who Release the Rules, can be taken to Court for it, because he Committed an Act of Culpable Negligence - "Colony Collapse Disorder

In Germany the federal research minister Mrs. Annette Schavan and the federal minister for agriculture and consumer protection Mr. Horst Seehofer are responsible for inexcusable negligence of releasing genetically engineered plants. The CEO's of companies, who are well known for doing research in "green" biotechnology, like BASF, are trying now to make an innocent face by giving some delicate jobs as carrying genetically modified seeds to market - shortly: releasing into landscape - , to other companies who are corrupt anyway. According to BASF-CEO Jürgen Hamprecht, Monsanto shall carry all genetically modified products to market. He estimates Monsanto to be kompetent in these things: Monsanto knows, how to bribe decisionmakers, how to palm genetically modified seeds off on farmers and consumers, and how to sell all that stuff, which doesn't want anybody in Europe, in developing countries as high value products. (2007, 6, # 121)

Beekeeping Considering The Character Of Bees - Certification - Quality Of Beewax - Council

The vitality of the bee colonies depends on the particular way bee colonies are being kept. However, you'll hardly find beescientists giving a useful instruction, manual or tutorial for that kind of beekeeping. Neither in books or bee-journals nor in the internet. (2006, 5,32)

Modern Science Communication In Biotechnology / ISAAA (2006, 5,11)

Honey Science II (2005, 4, # 9)

Honey Science I (2005, 4, # 8)

Organic Honey From USA And Canada Contaminated With Residuals Of Genetically Engineered RoundUpReady Rape From Monsanto

The German commercial beekeepers association (DBIB) tested certified organic honey from USA as well as honey from Canada, found in a German supermarket. Clover-honey and rape-clover-honey from a bavarian company and an import and filling company from Braunschweig. All samples contained residuals of genetically engineered RoundUpReady Rape from Monsanto. While in the United States genetically engineered rape has run wild, are Brasil, Argentina and Romania known for genetically engineered soy getting out of control. Mainly in Romania one estimates that about 90 percent of the cultivated soy is modified. (2005, 4, # 7)

Negative Side Effects Of Genetically Modified Crops On Honeybees. (2005, 4, # 6)

Organic Beekeeping - Only Emty Definitions?

Everything dulcet and not a word of truth in it? Franz Jung, author from the Bioland-beekeeper-group speaks about „Beekeeper’s cultivation" but in truth he is meaning „making artificial swarms". He talks very nicely about the „Bien" and the „poetry of agriculture" but according his wishful thinking he is meaning artificial insemination, grafting or unnatural swarm prevention. He differenciates between organic and conventional beekeeping, where no differences can be found, and makes generalizations where distinctions needs to be made. (2005 4, 4)

Professional Beekeeping Competence From Production To Filling?

Full automatically extraction street combined with uncapping machine, working with heated knifes. There is almost no possibillity to check each comb before uncapping and extraction. uncapping-wax-melting-tub. Rotating frame hives. (2005 4, 3)

Importhoney, Polluted Food From China

Organic label for apiaries pure consumer deception? Groceries (meat from pork and poultry, honey) imported from China are sometimes so contaminated with ecologically harmful chemicals and animal medicine like Chloramphenicol (destroys nerve system of children), that the EU needs to stop the import of animal produce, especially honey from time to time. (2005 4, 2)

On Longlasting Fertility In Ecological Beekeeping (2005, 4, # 1)

The biotechnologist was not yet found who were able to explain the physical body correctly (5,10)

Medical Wellness (2007, 6, # 188Deutsch)
Debate on genetic engineering and honeybees in Germany (2007, 6, # 177Deutsch)
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„honest" Biotech-Lobbyists (2007,6, #136Deutsch)
The apitherapeutic significance of comb in the comb honey, pollen, beebread, propolis, gelée royale, beevenom, beewax - Part 3 (2007, 6, #130Deutsch)
Who is releasing genetically engineered plants or animals in landscape ...II(2007, 6, #125Deutsch)
increasing demand for organic produce (2007, 6, #112Deutsch)
Natural Apitherapy instead of GE-Pharming (2007, 6, #103Deutsch)
Beehoney and comb honey instead of sweets containing ingredients made from genetically modified crops (2006, 5,#79 Deutsch)
The apitherapeutic significance of comb honey, pollen, propolis, gelée royale, beevenom, beewax - Part 2 (2006, 5, #75Deutsch)
Medical Wellness, Apitherapy and grade-A-comb-honey (5,74 Deutsch)
Karma of thoughtlessness - Pressing-Method/Skyscraperhives - safety risk EFSA, FDA, USDA -
Greece: honeycountry banned genetically engineered seeds (5,70 Deutsch)
The apitherapeutic significance of comb honey, pollen, propolis, gelée royale, beevenom, beewax - Part 1 (5,66 Deutsch)

Letter # 10 (Api Review Letters_us)
2006 January 11

The biotechnologist was not yet found who were able to Explain the Physical Body Correctly.

Wherein does our physical body actually consist of? What is the connection of our physical body with Messias superstar? What is the future of our physical body?

The biotechnologist is doing research on the physical body of a plant, an animal and even human being without being able to know what it is, he is doing his experiment around. The biotechnologist was not yet found who were able to explain the physical body correctly.

Thus biotechnology and especially agro-biotechnology is based on lies from the start. Organisations, lobbyists, scientists, journalists who rely on agro-biotechnology are involved in a cloak and dagger operation. Some of this agro-biotechnology-taradiddle is being reviewed in the next letters.


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