Apicultural Review Letters

Letter # 170
2007 September 5


The Full Catastrophe Regarding Agrobiotechnology, Genetically Modified (GM) Foods, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

The last issues of Science Review Letters (Vol. 6 # 156-159)  documented the now increasing US- resistance against genetically modified foods. Also further issues of Science Review Letters will focus on well-done resistance against genetically modified foods, especially a review of scientific research regarding all the innumerous dangerous and life threatening side effects of modern Biotechnology.

"The full catastrophe regarding Agrobiotechnology, genetically modified (GM) foods, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) started in the US. Now, about ten years after no true scientist and University in the US and elsewhere say there aren’t any dangerous risks. Only a few scientists, who are being sold by biotech-Industry still trying to do a kind of scientific research on „Biosafety-issues" outside reality (but even they found out many negative side-effects of GMOs - as now published secret documents show). Nearly all scientists reveal more and more the negative effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on human health, nature, environment, landscape, animals, especially cows, pigs, sheep and honeybees" (Science Review Letters Vol. 6 # 159).

In these issues you'll learn more on a dangerous denial and lawsuits which forces FDA to publish secret scientific research on health threatening side effects of GM Foods and GMOs.

According these documents and new scientific reseach GM seeds never should have been seeded outside a laboratory and of course GMOs never should have been found in the foodchain of animals and human beings.


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