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Letter # 519
2010 December 31

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beecolonies can bear temperature far below zero but that it's unbearable for them: pesticides, GMO's etc.

SAVE BEECOLONIES - Natural Apitherapy Council - Honeybee Stewardship Council - how to save bee colonies
Supporting honeybees being cept without cruelty to animals, Honeybee Stuardship Council, Beekeeper's Reformclub, Natural Apitherapy CouncilIs it possible to save bee colonies, to support cruelty free bee keeping? 12 ways you can help save bee colonies and
other threatened wildlife

Mit der natuerlichen Bienenhaltung beginnen und so Bienenvölker schuetzen

save beecolonies by starting with natural beekeeping
Organic Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Basic Course

A true scientist nerver grows old (Novalis)

beecolonies speak but as they find

Bienenvoelker und natuerliche Bienenhaltung foerdern - SAVE BEECOLONIES

Foerderung einer Bienenhaltung ohne Tierquaelerei, Patenschaft für Bienen von anerkannten Imkern des Zentrums für wesensgemäße
Bienenhaltung, Honeybee Stuardship Council, Club der Reformimker, Sachverständige für wesensgemäße / artgerechte Bienenhaltung,
Öko-Landbau und Naturschutz

Those Biotech-companies - take heed of them

Rural Online - 06/12/2010: Monsanto cops a US fine for mislabelling GM
www.abc.net.au <http://www.abc.net.au>

According to the new Bayer-CEO, he would only be working innovative, rational and industry friendly if he kills insects (also bees) once and for all by genetically modified crops and insecticides - by the way there is not much emloyment for 4500 Bayer employees as nobody wants to buy dangerous insecticides. (Science Review L. Nr. 375 und FAZ Nr. 287)

collapse of insects and birds: I may truly say it is a novelty to the world

Controversial pesticides linked to 'total ecological collapse' of insects and birds - The Ecologist
Widespread use of insecticides affecting bee populations but also causing decline in numbers of birds, butterflies and moths, warns Dutch

SAVE BEECOLONIES because they are quick-witted folks

Unhealthy are not only genetically modified crops, also a spokesman or salesman bred by Monsanto for instance, can be unhealthy to farmers. One farmer says to his friend: "Draw forth your weapon, we're beset with thieves; rescue your mistress, if you be a man. Fear not, I'll buckler you against a million"

beecolonies love nature; for that is their all in all

SAVE BEECOLONIES  News! old news, and such news as you never heard of! By the way are there any genetically modified crops or GMO's that can be called natural, green or even useful? The answer, my friend, is: there's small choice in rotten apples

Vanishing of the bees and beekeepers because of glyphosate (Roundup), GMO's and HFCS? A better option: Vanishing of the creators of glyphosate because of bees and beekeepers

HFCS belongs to the most poisonous food, because it contains high levels of glyphosate and GMO's

Urgent! This Poison Is About to Change Its Name
The producers of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) seem scared. A slew of bad press – not to mention dozens of scientific studies – may finally be damaging their profits. So they’ve come up with a new way to ensure HFCS remains part of the American diet. And protect their revenue stream. The big plan?

Beecolonies ask themselves, why some people don't care about contamination of environment? Shakespeare: "Nature has fram'd strange fellows in her time"

SAVE BEECOLONIES by telling the truth about glyphosate and it's producers: Masters, it is proved already that you are little better than false knaves, and it will go near to be thought so shortly. And this is more, masters, than you can deny

all poison, isn't it?
Revealed: the glyphosate research the GM soy lobby doesn't want you to read. Andres Carrascos's research linking Monsanto Roundup Herbicide with birth defects highlighted the potential health dangers posed by GM crop-spraying in Argentina – and led to violence and intimidation for those behind the study

great, isn't it?
BBC - Earth News - Honeybees survive for millennia in Sahara desert oasis. Honeybees living deep in the Sahara desert have survived without contact with other bees for millennia, a new study reveals.

The world must be peopled - with beecolonies and badgers!
A slaughter of thousands of badgers is planned for England and Wales in 2011. You can help stop this by signing our online petition...

SAVE BEECOLONIES 4 you and avoid diseases such as cancer, MS and rheumatism

SAVE BEECOLONIES by avoiding nano-products in food (for instance convenience-food and sugar-food)

SAVE BEECOLONIES by using natural eggplants and saying with Shakespeare to those who want to sell GM-eggplant seeds to farmers in India or elsewhere: "Get you gone, and let me hear no more of you."

Beecolonies don't like products from Monsanto, KWS & Co and they think together with William Shakespeare: "we are undone: these are the villains that all travellers do fear so much"

Beecolonies don't like Havard because this university is not only notorious in constructing GMO's, Harvard also is doing research on artificial bees for pollination (robots)

Beecolonies like INRA because the research institute stop now all research on GMO's: they don't want to waste their time with these stupid manipulations anymore!

Beecolonies want you to do as you would be done by

SAVE BEECOLONIES because only 1 % of the behaviour of beecolonies has been discovered by scientists

SAVE BEECOLONIES because they are so clever!

Bees' tiny brains beat computers, study finds
Bees can solve complex mathematical problems which keep computers busy for days, research has shown

Beecolonies like Heinrich Heine, the famous German poet: "The wonderfulness of the world is always adequate to the wonderfulness of the spirit, who looks at it" - That's the reason why Monsanto, Bayer & Co don't see any wonderfulness of the world or don't care about it!

Beecolonies like Konfuzius: Who is doing his business in the sense of a machine, will get a machine-heart.

Beecolonies like Menzius: The noble is animal friendly (Der Edle ist freundlich zu Tieren)

SAVE BEECOLONIES by avoiding stress factors (insecticides, GMO's, noisy machines, bad beekeeping methods etc.)

SAVE BEECOLONIES by supporting wild beeplants on your property

SAVE BEECOLONIES and yourself! - always remembering: plants which have been manipulated (biotechnology, chemicals, hybridization, radiation) in order to increase yields, have lost nearly all nutrition and healing properties. No wonder that bees and human beings become ill

SAVE BEECOLONIES by dressing oneself with clothing made of organic cotton or kapok instead GM-cotton or mineral oil (polyester)

SAVE BEECOLONIES by working together with bees instaed of of working against them

What if you have an allergic reaction to them???
If it is a severe allergy it is difficult, however, there is a way to get rid of this allergy by natural apitherapy

SAVE BEECOLONIES by thinking before acting and not acting before thinking (the latter is common for instance in companies such as BASF or monsanto!)

SAVE BEECOLONIES as bees are no robots who can be made resistant against pesticides!

SAVE BEECOLONIES by eating no food contaminated with pesticides and GMO's

SAVE BEECOLONIES by mowing your lawn just once or twice a year

SAVE BEECOLONIES by avoiding pesticides, especially insecticides, in household, garden, agriculture and countryside

SAVE BEECOLONIES by giving your money not to Agro-Fonds such as DWS Invest Global Agribusiness Fonds or Blackrock World Agriculture Fund as they also support Pesticide- and Biotechcompanies such as Syngenta and Monsanto

SAVE BEECOLONIES by planting beefriendly flowers, bushes and trees

Saving Beecolonies, Wildlife, Nature - even Capitalism - from the Capitalists

Supporting beecolonies by using cremes for skin care containing natural beeswax instead of paraffine (mineral oil)

Living in harmony with animals, also beecolonies

Courses in organic / ecological top bar hive beekeeping - distance and practical courses
Here you'll find everything you need as a beginner: Courses, also distance courses, classes in natural top bar beekeeping, training and
study courses to become a certified Partner-beekeeper...

Was haben Lümpchen, Vice-Lümpchen und ausgewachsene Schurken mit Bienenschwärmen zu tun?
Gentechnik-Desaster - Kritische Wissenschaftsbriefe / Science Review Letters
Eines der weltweit renommiertesten Wirtschftsblätter, das Wall Street Journal, berichtet: "Nicht nur hat die biotech industrie über Jahrzehnte
negative finanzielle Gewinne eingefahren, generell gräbt sie ihr Loch täglich tiefer und tiefer."

What is the main reason for vanishing of bees? It is the way of thinking (for instance a reductive-materialistic point of view) or simply thinking not at all (Bayer crop science, BASF, Monsanto & Co)

Das Geheimnis des Bienensterbens - Ein Film von Mark Daniels - ARTE

SAVE BEECOLONIES by supporting a longlasting fertility in beekeeping

On longlasting fertility in ecological beekeeping - Apicultural Review Letters, 2005, Volume 4, # 1
What is the point with the new Apicultural Review Letters? Youll find peer-reviewed old and new texts around beekeeping considering the
charakter of bees but also nature and environment, peer-reviewed old and new practice in apiculture. ...

SAVE BEECOLONIES by purchasing products from bee-friendly apiaries

Natural Apitherapy Products - Press-Release of Centre for Ecological Apiculture
apitherapeutical specialties like comb in the comb with beebread and run honey as well as royal gelly in run honey have a limited edition.
Regarding cures availlability should be checked before begin ...

SAVE BEECOLONIES by global eco-management

Global eco-management - rejecting biotechnology - Science Review Letters, Vol. 8. 2009, No 286
Abstract: rejecting materialism. Rejecting agro genetic engineering also in Germany. But also worldwide rejecting of
agro-biotechnology and hybride-technologies. Many asian farmers want to care about their fields themselves again, and they have become more self-confident. ...

SAVE BEECOLONIES by avoiding soy produkts in your meals (soy not only may cause allergies, brain weight losses but also destroy natural      landscapes)

SAVE BEECOLONIES by becoming a fan or member of Save beecolonies or by keepingbees in a bee-friendly way:

Courses in organic / ecological top bar hive beekeeping
Here you find everything you need as a beginner: Courses, also distance courses, classes in natural top bar beekeeping, training to become a
Partner-beekeeper, beekeeping supplies such as top bar hive, equipment for disease control, natural beeswarms and further beekeeping equipment.

Stop poisoning the planet, the landscapes, rivers, lakes, oceans, humans and animals - especially honeybees by genetically modified crops, chemical-synthetical pesticides, plastic and other pollutants. Buy only planet-friendly products!

A fan of save beecolonies: "So very many people are absolutely unaware of what needs to be done and especially how. So glad you are here! The bees drastically need our help".

12 ways to save beecolonies

Save bees does not only mean to protect them from heat. Here are 12 ways you can help, ranging from making links to becoming an official
supporter or purchasing beehive products certified by Natural Apitherapy ...
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