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Benefit from Experience of apiaries and apitherapists  that with Save Beecolonies and Natural Apitherapy Council membership for many years!

Pure beehive products:
Organic honey
Propolis cream
Royal jelly

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Apitherapy Certification System 

For Organic / Ecological Beekeeping And Natural Apitherapy

Certification Of Partner-Apiaries And Natural Apitherapists According Standards Of The Centre For Ecological Apiculture And Centre For Social Medicine / Natural Apitherapy 

Certification - organic / ecological top bar beekeeping without cruelty to animals. How to become a Partner- Beekeeper?

Certification - Healing with bees: Alternative therapies, holistic healing, natural Apitherapy. How to become a Partner- Apitherapist?


Certification - Organic / Ecological  Cruelty-free Beekeeping. How To Become A  Certified Beekeeper?

How to become a certified beekeeper of the Centre for Ecological Apiculture? More Info...

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Certification - Healing With Bees: Alternative Therapies, Holistic Healing, Natural Apitherapy And Apiwellness. How To Become A Certified Apitherapist?

Training / certification courses natural apitherapy: How to become a certified apitherapist of the Centre for Social Medicine and Natural Apitherapy? More Info...

Contact: Natural Apitherapy Research Centre

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Important courses:

Alternative therapies, health and nutrition, holistic healing, natural Apitherapy:

Certification courses / training holistic healing and natural apitherapy (No. 162)