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"while studying concentrate on great aspects and not on outer advantages" (Konfuzius)

"If you don't take into consideration the future, distress comes near you" (Konfuzius)


How Can I Help Save the Bees and Other Pollinators?

Do something for the endangered pollinators by planting beefriendly bushes, trees and flowers in your garden, by building nisting sites for solitary bees,

  • by adopting beecolonies. Apply for or donate a "Save Beecolonies- Bienenpatenschaft". The beekeepers of the Centre for Ecological Apiculture care about your adopted beecolonies. And you support with it training and research in the Centre for Ecological Apiculture. More...
  • by having a lunch with DI. Michael Thiele. The proceeds going to support the Centre for Ecological Apiculture and the bees. Have an interesting conversation with him on topics such as health and illness, beauty-cure, ecological beekeeping, arts, literature and philosophy! More...
  • by purchasing art works. A lunch with DI. Michael Thiele provides also the appropriate setting for an international exhibition of important art works from Michael Thiele and students. Those who applied for a lunch and who are lovers of the arts are invited to the "First Choice"-inauguration for VIP's and prominent persons. If there is a drawing or painting you like, you can purchase it. The proceeds going to support the bees. More... 

Arts and Philosophy, Knowledge and Nature

"One disastrous mischief in the sciences, yes everywhere, arises therefore, that human beings, who have no ideas property, presume to theorize, because they don’t understand, that still a lot of knowing does not entitle hereto" (Goethe)

All knowledge begins at least since Plato and Aristotle with the astonishing and only who goes out from being astonished, is on the way to accurate knowledge. a knowledge without soul is no more than an intellectual knowledge outside reality. Also, if the scientist feels himself not in harmony with natural processes of the world and does not consider himself to be actually only a part of the world developement, he probably doesn't find the way to an actually reproductive knowledge.
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Nature As An Exploitation Object, Or As A Standard? Learn More On Climate Protection And How To Help Save The Bees And Other Pollinators

If the speech is of the living nature, of farming, beekeeping, manifold landscape, medical science , only that science has success in the long run, which targets a domestication of the nature. Each manipulation by application of force, as fracking, nuclear energy, genetic engineering, will always result in only short timed success and suffer heavy setbacks  - as nobody can meanwhile oversee the negative side-effects of Agro-Biotechnology, nuclear power, Geo-engineering (fracking and with it increase of earthquakes), cloning and in-vitro-fertilisation. The hunger in the world will be increased by Agro-genetic engineering - a fact which is often being overseen - especially by dinosauer-like polititians and pseudo-environmentalists such as Steward Brand. Required are new strategies in agriculture and beekeeping. Our expert team works together with farmer- and beekeepers associations who founded a GMO-free zone or governments of countries and Universities, who have banned GMOs and Crispr.Cas9 as well as Biotech-Medicine (mRNA- and vector-vaccines, genetherapy, nano-bots) from their country and University; they are listed in our directory for GMO and Biotech-free companies, countries and Universities and receive support by our expert centres. Learn more on climate protection and how to save bee colonies. More...

Natural Science As A Tranquility- Pillow-Science For Retired People? 

On Credibility of Agro-Genetic Engineering and "Biosafety" Scientists

Though Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) is already dead for some time, people refer to him always again and therewith dominate also the representatives of the so-called "tranquility-pillow-kantianism"  today as well as to Hegel's time widely the field. What does it mean? "with horror Hegel persued, how Kant's philosophy served as a pillow for the inactivity of thinking, as if already all were proved and being over and done with". A cause to get excited? No, not necessarily; we don't live in "Kant's world" in which one could prove with a "Kritik der reinen Vernunft (critizism of pure reason)", that there isn't any knowledge possible of the thing in itself . Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) had still assumed, Kant has postulated God not only because of his butler Mr. Lampe, but above all because of the police. Be that as it may, who is today still impressed by the seal "proved by Kant"? Today people seem to be more impressed by seals like "proved by FDA, EFSA, EMA, RKI", or " proved by 'independant' Biosafety - and Agro-genetic engineering scientists" - although health- and environmental risks of genetically modified plants, remedies and vaccines (mRNA- vector-vaccines) are not under control. More on the reason why we are not impressed by the seal "proved by FDA, EFSA, EMA, RKI, STIKO, USDA & Co." More...

By scandals in Agro-genetic engineering (or you better speak of "chronique scandaleuse" in this sector), ISAAA- or biosafety-swindle of USDA and FDA, nuclear power, used mainly in strange countries such as Turkey and Russia, credibility in that kind of science is beginning to vanish completely. You just need to look at the facts regarding genetically modified crops. More ...

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Satire Against The Establishment In Natural Science 

Doesn’t happen anything ridiculous in the world? Is it so ridiculous to think of something absurd happening? For instance in beescience and -practice, genetic engineering in agriculture, cloning of animals, nuclear power? 
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