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Centre for Ecological Apiculture


Organic Beekeeping Letters 

"Time and again I’m accused of doing something ridiculous, if I wanted to get hold of the idea that in the texts of „serious" persons can be found anything else but „seriosity" and that absurdity will of course have the least part of it. Why this? Doesn’t happen anything ridiculous in the world? Is it so ridiculous to think of something absurd happening? Isn’t laughing a kind of diseasecontrol? What is it what matters? Isn’t it the training of the ability to find out what is ridiculous; to notice the absurdity under all the covering-up, the fashion, even among solemn seriosity, easily and quickly? Who is at least a bit trained in this, will have a good training area in the texts of „serious" persons. The comedy is indispensable for beginners, „serious" or in parts „scientific" texts are indispensable for the advanced."

Title: Organic beekeeping Letters I-III 
Edition: 2002 / 2011
Code: book-A-007

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