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Health Hazards To Bees And Human Beings

Expertise On Risk Assessment And Riskiness Of Pesticides 

And genetically Engineered Plants And Animals


Is The So Called "Green" Biotechnology (Genetically Engineered Crops) The Most Severe Regression In Animal - And Plant Breeding Which Ever Occured In History? 

pro-agro-biotech lobbyists assume agro-biotechnology may be able to cure poverty and hunger in the world. But it is a truism that crops modified by agro-biotechnology increase poverty and hunger, contaminates environment and the spread of crops modified by biotechnology trigger off an increase of prices for non contaminated food.

Which insurance is able to calculate the costs of possible recall actions for genetically "contaminated" goods or final consequences for environment and consumers? 

Expertise on health hazards of pesticides and Agro-genetic engineering not only in the beekeeping sector. What are the severe negative side effects of this socalled dayfly-technology? If you don't want to believe only in deceptive statements of TransGen or ISAAA (international biotech organisation, sponsored for instance by Biotech-companies like Monsanto, Bayer crop science and socalled "development aid" organisations like GTZ, USAID) this book is a must.

Editorial feature themes are for instance: Health hazards of crops modified by biotechnology on honeybees. The conditions of the bees became over decades treated so unnatural, that it's immune system and "blood system" is debilitated; Parasites, viruses etc. are only the symptoms. Not only newer investigations from Germany have turned out, how important determined, from the bees themselves produced substances and structures are for the communication in the bee colony. Is the bee colony being disturbed, while it is being forced to get along with new and unnatural substances, it never had selected itself (for example. Plastic combs), or comes in contact with it (special pesticides, pollen from crops modified by biotechnology), thus this can not only lead to communication - disorders within the bee colony, but causes by that also till now unexplainable phenomena. Because, if the communication is disturbed, the nectar - and pollen foragers can not decipher that "bee language" in the hive anymore, or too less foragers react on the bee dances (which show up the distance and quality of the feed source), thus too less nutritious pollen resp. nectar is going to be collected and the bee colony dies by starvation.

Title: "Agro-Biotechnology - The most severe Regression in animal and plant breeding which ever occured in history? Risk assessment and riskiness of Pesticides and genetically engineered plants and animals
Author: T+T Consultants for assessment of environmental impact of Agro-Biotechnology and science publicists

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