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Distance Course and Crash-Courses in the Centre for Ecological Apiculture

Good for bees and beekeepers, organic gardeners and farmers, non-medical practitioners and apitherapists, good for mankind and earth. Easy going beekeeping in the beginning of a new solar Economy  - without frames, supers, artificial foundation, without fossil energy, nuclear power, pesticides and GMOs.

Not only for beginners (organic gardeners, farmers, non-medical practitioners, apitherapists).

Commercial beekeepers, sideliners or hobbyists have also the possibillity to change from framehive beekeeping to topbar-beekeeping (see distance course No. 19). A two semester training for becoming a certified apiary of thr Centre for Ecological Apiculture is also an option.

Learn more on bees and how to keep them without cruelty to animals and in harmony with climate protection, on managing simple hives, especially top bar hives, on suitable equipment, how to build simple hives, colony development in top bar hives, using the swarming impulse for breeding etc. and on how to produce natural apitherapeutical bee colony products without residuals.

Registration for distance course No. 19

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Training for becoming a certified partner-apiary of the Centre for Ecological Apiculture
Top-bar-beekeeping for beginners and experienced beekeepers, organic gardeners and farmers (distance course No. 19 and crashcourses)

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