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No 004 

Distance Course in Practical Thinking I

Thinking is acting 




From Curriculum Course #04

Part One: 
Lessons on beeculture in Ancient Greece and Greec myth; 
what kind of sense might be hidden in the whole spiritual culture of Greece? 
On science and conception of Nature; 
on ways of thinking in American and Europien world today; 
on Labyrinth of opinions in mainstream Bioethics and its oposition; 
on DNA-thinking; 
on evolution of consciousness, moral evolution; 
what are the practical indications regarding education, medicine, agriculture and beekeeping? 
On Darwin and his view of the world; 
on some fatal points to Darwin's theory.

Part Two: 
Lessons on instincts of ants and hive-bees;
what tells Darwin about domestication, breeding; 
on his arguments against independant acts of creation and his conclusions; 
prototype or archetypical pattern? 
Darwin's "prototype" versus Aristotle's "form", Goethe's "Type" and Portmann's "structure"; 
on some points Darwin forgot to mention; 
on the book of nature, Goethe's organicism, 19th Century reductionism, freedom and determinism; 
what are the influences of eastern antiquity, Greek culture, and chritianity? 
Overview of evolution of consciousness.

See also advanced course # 007

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